Zeynep's Journey

I had all of about 3 people attend my Ashtanga yoga class at Be Moved when I first moved back to Lawrence. It was disheartening to start over BUT I feel so lucky that Zeynep Uner was one of those few people who wandered into my class. Zeynep is kind and thoughtful and I'm thankful she is back in my life & practicing at EYC.

A piece of Zeynep's yoga journey:

Sutra 1.13
तत्र स्थितौ यत्नोऽभ्यासः
tatra sthitau yatno-‘bhyāsaḥ

"When we learned about this sutra in class Wednesday evening, I giggled to myself a little. As Mary knows, I am not the perfect image of consistency. 
As someone who has only been practicing yoga for 5 years, "PRACTICE AND ALL IS COMING" is my daily mantra. I was led to my practice for the first time that day simply because of lower back pain I was having from a mild case of scoliosis. What I did not expect was for my back pain to disappear for good, my long-since diagnosed depression to subside, my anxieties lifted, my quality of life better than it had ever been before. I have never felt as connected, grounded, and felt all-encompassing love in my life (for everything!) as I do when I practice.

Being a 19 year old college student with a part time job can make it extremely difficult to find consistency and stability in my life. Two months my practice is strong, one month it's hard to make the time. A few months of travel and being too exhausted for a daily practice, a month spent dedicated to my practice. This is why lately, I have been trying to get on my mat for at least a little amount of time every day - whether I'm actually practicing or just curled up with my dog and trying hard to stay motivated. No matter how long I am able to practice, the outcome will always be the same. I will learn something about my body by listening to it, something about my self by accepting it and loving it, or something about this vast universe, it's occupants, and our preconceptions of it that never fail to remind me how little I actually know - and most importantly that we as humans should never stop learning throughout our lives. That simplicity is enough for me.

I am thankful for all of my past and current teachers who have found a beautiful purpose in spreading this knowledge.

I am thankful that I met Mary 3 years ago when she was teaching ashtanga vinyasa at Be Moved. Although she had only known me for an incredibly short amount of time, she encouraged me to follow my dreams and travel to India to study.

And finally, I am so thankful for everyone at EYC as well as Mary's beautiful studio for consistently creating a space where individuals of all levels and walks of life can come to learn and connect, no matter where they are in their practice."