Charlie's Journey

Charlie J Randazzo is exceptionally curious, driven & supportive. Curious about yoga, life & finding new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Driven to learn, grow & push himself each time he comes to practice. He is so supportive of me and the Eudora Yoga Center and has made many efforts to try and promote the studio. I am extremely thankful for his practice and his friendship.

A piece of Charlie's journey:
"After taking a few months of introductory yoga, I was looking for aninstructor that would take me to my edges. I wandered in to EYC last August to practice with Mary...and I was not disappointed! 
I have always been impressed by her strength with the practice, both physically and spiritually. As a mentor and friend, Mary has helped me find the strength within to work past my own edges. In so many ways, I am thankful to have such a beautiful soul in my life! :)