Dani's Journey


The #1 reason men & women tell me they can't do yoga: "I'm not flexible." This is a perfect reason to DO yoga! Dani Ramirez pushes himself harder than anyone I know...on and off the mat. When I ask people to go deeper in an asana I assume Dani is at his edge. Even if this is the case he finds away to access a little more flexibility or strength each time. One of his goals is to do the splits (Hanumanasana). This is the "before" photo - tune in 3 months from now for the "after" photo. Thank you for your effort and your strong practice Dani!

A piece of his yoga journey:
"I was invited by a friend to go practice yoga at a studio in Eudora. My friend knew I was trying to deepen my understanding of yoga through a physically challenging practice. Well, what I found was more complex and interesting than just a studio that provided a physical challenge. I found a place full of cultural diversity, where people from multiple parts of the world with very different religious/philosophical backgrounds are able to embrace each other as humans. I found a place where I was inspired by multiple practitioners that were able to execute amazing postures. I found a place where Mary encourages each student to thrive and do the best they can for that moment. I am inspired by her constant drive to teach and learn. I found a place full of laughs, music, art, and interesting people, then I knew that I had only begun to understand what yoga was and is."