Gail's Journey

Last year Gail Pileski walked into the Eudora Yoga Center and began her yoga journey. Like myself, she felt a strong connection to yoga, something deeper than the physical practice. Gail has made a commitment to practice and was the first person to buy an annual pass. It is wonderful to look in someone else's eyes and see the same love for this beautiful practice. Thank you sweet Gail!

Here is a piece of her yoga journey:
"I have always wanted to do "real" yoga and have a "real" teacher. Mary, you have blessed me and so many others with both. You have shown me the spiritual and physical yoga that I always knew was there but didn't know how to find. The desire to learn more becomes stronger with each practice I have with you as my teacher. And I feel so much gratitude and love every time I come into the studio for you and the other students and the practice."