Karen's Journey

Most days during practice Karen Lane tells me she doesn't like me...and I love her honesty.

A piece of Karen's journey:

"I decided to “do yoga” because I was bored with my exercise routine, wanted to increase my flexibility and maybe decrease my stress level. So a couple of months ago I wandered into EYC to give it a shot. At 52, being fairly fit and having done a few random yoga classes at a gym, I arrogantly thought, I’d be able to jump right in. Little did I know! Yoga has humbled me, tried my patience (which I have little of) and challenged me to the core, both physically and mentally. It has also given me a taste of inner peace I’m not sure I’ve ever really experienced before and I feel more focused than I have in years. I feel a real sense of community at EYC stemming from Mary and the amazing people who practice there. I am constantly motivated to accomplish more, learn more and strive for a better understanding. My practice is in its infancy and I am truly humbled by how much I don't know about both the spiritual and physical aspects, but I am excited to see where it takes me!"