Kathy's Journey


Most of the practitioners have come to EYC because someone else told them about it - including our dear yogini Kathleen Riese Wismer. I am extremely grateful to those people who have helped our community to expand. The growth is slow and I am well aware I am a completely ignorant / stupid business owner... but I love our small family and appreciate when each one of you are able to come practice. Your practice is what gives me the strength and energy to continue on. Thank you Kathy!

A piece of Kathy's yoga journey:

"A friend introduced me to Eudora Yoga Center seven months ago. I had recently turned 50 and told her about my long-time desire to practice ‘when I had enough time.’ After 45 years of riding and competing with horses, I dealt with the results of old injuries. I was fit but not flexible and had no regular exercise regime. I joked that I had the body of an old cowboy.

After only seven months of consistent (okay, somewhat consistent) yoga practice, I can actually see a return of flexibility, strength and focus. The more I learn and witness my body respond in positive ways, the more I want to keep improving. If I miss a week of practice, I start to feel a twinge of my old creaky self set in. The subtle changes in my posture and core strength while riding horses is quite noticeable also.

Thank you Mary for your wonderful studio and kind teaching style!"