Katie's Journey

When I moved back to Lawrence 2 amazing Ashtangis Katie Tree & Todd Wyant invited me to practice with them. I am honored to practice w/Todd, my very first Ashtanga teacher & with Katie who also has an incredibly strong practice.


Katie is now teaching a Deep Stretch class on Tuesday evenings at EYC which I look forward to each week. My flexibility has been stuck for some time now and this lovely little yogini is pushing me out of this stuck zone. I am thankful for her dedication to her practice and to Ashtanga yoga.

A piece of Katie's journey:
"I am currently experiencing a transformation in my practice, specifically in my shoulders due to an injury 3 months back. I have been practicing yoga since I was 19yrs old and I have experienced many transitions with this one standing out as profound to me. I stopped practicing ashtanga's first 2 series all together for 2 months but now I am able to practice and I have new props to help, thanks Mary. The transformation is in my flexibility, shoulder health, and in the feeling of opening new space in my body. I am so grateful for my regular practice that keeps me in alignment and I am so happy that I'm back to it. I am also grateful for the time I spent taking good care of myself and honoring my body, moving slowly back into intense practice only when my body was ready, and discovering new strength and flexibility in my shoulders. The principles of Sthira & Sukha, steadiness and ease have been my guideposts. Props to the sutras!"