Sacha's Journey

Every Friday I will share a story/journey and today I will honor Sacha Hanes Dick's strong practice. Her tank also allows me to ask those who would like an EYC shirt to please bring money in as soon as possible. Thank you Sacha for your presence at EYC!


Sacha: "The first time I took a yoga class I walked out! I was an aerboic teacher with a go-go-go lifestyle and I could not just be still, quiet and hold poses! Many years later I started teaching Pilates which then lead to teaching Yoga in the gym setting. I have taught this for many years but have never really taken time to take regular yoga classes for myself. Then Mary opened the Eudora Yoga Studio and there was a class at just the right time as I pass through town each week. Mary has helped me deepen and strengthen my own personal Yoga practice. She is such an amazing, spiritual, kind, strong woman and each week I look forward to just being in her presence. She helps you to find your strengths and weaknesses and grow not only your practice but yourself!"