Tamara's Journey

This transition into the new space & our new apartment has been quite a struggle for me. Mike and I figured out that we have completely moved 4 times in the past 20 months. We are exhausted and frustrated. What has given me hope for the light at the end of the tunnel are student's like Tamara - seekers of "strength, balance & calm"

A piece of Tamara's journey:

"I love that Mary chose this pose for me. It is not one I excel at. This pose requires a continual search for strength and balance - both physical and internal.

For me this pose represents my ongoing pursuit for strength and balance in life. This pose represents facing life's uncertainty and challenges.

Mary's passion for the practice of yoga is contagious. She gently pushes me to go the extra step, to seek a deeper level.

With each class, I am learning to let go of the negative, the fear, the apprehensions. Embrace the strength. Embrace the balance. Find the calm."