Tamara's Journey

This transition into the new space & our new apartment has been quite a struggle for me. Mike and I figured out that we have completely moved 4 times in the past 20 months. We are exhausted and frustrated. What has given me hope for the light at the end of the tunnel are student's like Tamara - seekers of "strength, balance & calm"

A piece of Tamara's journey:

"I love that Mary chose this pose for me. It is not one I excel at. This pose requires a continual search for strength and balance - both physical and internal.

For me this pose represents my ongoing pursuit for strength and balance in life. This pose represents facing life's uncertainty and challenges.

Mary's passion for the practice of yoga is contagious. She gently pushes me to go the extra step, to seek a deeper level.

With each class, I am learning to let go of the negative, the fear, the apprehensions. Embrace the strength. Embrace the balance. Find the calm."

Dani's Journey


The #1 reason men & women tell me they can't do yoga: "I'm not flexible." This is a perfect reason to DO yoga! Dani Ramirez pushes himself harder than anyone I know...on and off the mat. When I ask people to go deeper in an asana I assume Dani is at his edge. Even if this is the case he finds away to access a little more flexibility or strength each time. One of his goals is to do the splits (Hanumanasana). This is the "before" photo - tune in 3 months from now for the "after" photo. Thank you for your effort and your strong practice Dani!

A piece of his yoga journey:
"I was invited by a friend to go practice yoga at a studio in Eudora. My friend knew I was trying to deepen my understanding of yoga through a physically challenging practice. Well, what I found was more complex and interesting than just a studio that provided a physical challenge. I found a place full of cultural diversity, where people from multiple parts of the world with very different religious/philosophical backgrounds are able to embrace each other as humans. I found a place where I was inspired by multiple practitioners that were able to execute amazing postures. I found a place where Mary encourages each student to thrive and do the best they can for that moment. I am inspired by her constant drive to teach and learn. I found a place full of laughs, music, art, and interesting people, then I knew that I had only begun to understand what yoga was and is."

Gail's Journey

Last year Gail Pileski walked into the Eudora Yoga Center and began her yoga journey. Like myself, she felt a strong connection to yoga, something deeper than the physical practice. Gail has made a commitment to practice and was the first person to buy an annual pass. It is wonderful to look in someone else's eyes and see the same love for this beautiful practice. Thank you sweet Gail!

Here is a piece of her yoga journey:
"I have always wanted to do "real" yoga and have a "real" teacher. Mary, you have blessed me and so many others with both. You have shown me the spiritual and physical yoga that I always knew was there but didn't know how to find. The desire to learn more becomes stronger with each practice I have with you as my teacher. And I feel so much gratitude and love every time I come into the studio for you and the other students and the practice."

Keith's Journey

Keith Nowland is such an inspiration to me. One of the most potent verses from chapter 2 in the Bhagavad Gita is: You have the right to work only but never to its fruits. Let not the fruits of action be your motive, nor let your attachment be to inaction. I think of him with admiration each day when I chant this verse. Thank you for your practice Keith!

Here is a piece of his yoga journey:
"When I walked into the EYC 5 months ago I knew how to spell yoga and that was about it. I had no idea what to expect – and really, I still don’t – because I find new things each time I practice. Mary has created a welcoming and supportive place where a beginner like me can practice alongside amazing people that are years along in their journey. Through her teaching I’ve come to understand we each follow our own path and we all bring something unique to class on any given day. I look forward to where my yoga practice will take me."

Debbie's Journey

I asked Debbie (pictured below) which asana she would like me to photograph. This appeared and it is a beautiful expression of the joy she brings to EYC. Here is a piece of her yoga journey:

"I had always been fit & healthy and then after traumatic life events and a few injuries, I began experiencing stress as well as back & hip pain. I did 3 different rounds of physical therapy over the course of a year but I was not interested in injections, or surgery. I emailed Mary at Eudora Yoga Center and she invited me for a visit with her. It has been a wonderful relief & benefit to my body, and has lowered my stress levels. I am so pleased with this natural & healthy approach to a healthier whole body! I am enjoying life and experiencing very little pain, I attribute that to YOGA!!!"

Ashly's Journey

I met Ashly LoBurgio Basgall at the EYC's opening celebration last summer. I am so thankful Ashly and a handful of Iyengar students from the Yoga Center of Lawrence have come to practice and continue to support what I am offering as well. Like Ashly, I believe the Ashtanga and Iyengar methods complement one another. Thanks for your practice Ashley!

Here is a small piece of her yoga journey:

"I practiced Iyengar yoga for almost 15 years before I began taking Ashtanga classes at the Eudora Yoga Center. I have found the two styles of yoga to be amazingly complementary. I gain body awareness and knowledge of alignment from my Iyengar classes. And in my Ashtanga classes I am learning how to use my breath to move fluidly between poses, and to get deeper into poses than I ever thought possible. Although it was challenging to get out of my comfort zone, I have grown to love the dynamic, powerful Ashtanga practice. Thank you Mary!"

Sacha's Journey

Every Friday I will share a story/journey and today I will honor Sacha Hanes Dick's strong practice. Her tank also allows me to ask those who would like an EYC shirt to please bring money in as soon as possible. Thank you Sacha for your presence at EYC!


Sacha: "The first time I took a yoga class I walked out! I was an aerboic teacher with a go-go-go lifestyle and I could not just be still, quiet and hold poses! Many years later I started teaching Pilates which then lead to teaching Yoga in the gym setting. I have taught this for many years but have never really taken time to take regular yoga classes for myself. Then Mary opened the Eudora Yoga Studio and there was a class at just the right time as I pass through town each week. Mary has helped me deepen and strengthen my own personal Yoga practice. She is such an amazing, spiritual, kind, strong woman and each week I look forward to just being in her presence. She helps you to find your strengths and weaknesses and grow not only your practice but yourself!"

Carol's Journey

I've decided to try and feature/share stories from local yogis who have come through the EYC doors. My dear friend Carol Wohlford (pictured in Virasana or Hero's asana) was one of the first people to walk in and I'm so thankful for her support and presence at EYC.

Carol - "They all said yoga was going to be easy. Well, they were wrong! But believing the "easy" myth, and in my sixth decade of life, I enrolled in a Gentle Yoga class, and it has been the hardest AND most wonderful thing I have ever chosen to do. Thank you, Mary, for bringing yoga to Eudora."