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WORKSHOP: The Divine Feminine as a Portal to Self-Realization

Workshop with Cynthia Ray
(visiting teacher from Portland, Oregon)

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We were placed in this world and live in this world to understand and become Self-Realized God Beings. If this is true, then what is Self? What is Self-Realization? How do we come to know God in whom we live and move and have our being?

We can know God in its many aspects; God as Father, God as Mother, God as Self. One approach to come to know our own Divine Self and Being is through the Divine Feminine, and through the feminine aspects of our own personality. Studies in Alchemy, Tarot, and Esoteric Mysteries show us that every person has both feminine and masculine (yin/yang/ positive/negative/solar/lunar) energies and aspects within themselves. Understanding and tapping into those aspects to perform the inner alchemy/spiritual work that is necessary to transform our baser selves into spiritual gold is our quest. 

The Divine Mother, or subjective, trans-liminal consciousness speaks to us when we bypass the conscious, logical mind and approach her through irrational/non-rational modes such as:

-Journaling, poetry
-Sound and Music
-Movement and Dance
-Meditation and Prayer

Cynthia Ray (Rt. Rev. Rosaria) is a priest, artist, mystic and teacher trained and initiated in the gnostic tradition. She teaches tarot as a guide to the spiritual path, meditation, the mysteries of esoteric Christianity, exploring the Divine Feminine, and more. She works with groups and individuals to facilitate individual and planetary healing, transformation and growth. 

$25, Call or text Cynthia to reserve a space (541) 343-5197