Mary is the warmest, most inviting person I've ever met. She takes you through a challenging yet oh-so-gratifying yoga experience EVERY time. She makes sure you are your best you while in the studio. The peace you leave with is enough to keep you coming back. It's hard to explain the zen you feel after leaving EYC when you've just had an incredible workout. Love this space and love the people. - Ashley Cain

Mary's Eudora Yoga Center is a warm and welcoming space for anyone interested in yoga, at any level, from complete beginners to people putting their legs behind their heads. Mary provides an encouraging and motivating atmosphere for the physical practice while imbuing her classes with a spiritual depth that flows obviously from her own yoga practice. A wonderful yoga home! - Laura Rossi

Mary is my very favorite flute teacher and I was happy to discover she is just as wonderful at teaching yoga. She welcomes everybody into her studio as if receiving old friends into her home and tailors classes to meet the needs of each student. I'm only disappointed I didn't start attending sooner! - Kristin Martin

Mary is by far the best yoga teacher I've ever had. Her kind, gentle, but focused approach to class creates a beautiful space for learning and growth. The studio itself is quiet, spacious, and full of light. Every class I've taken at EYC has left me with a sense of peace and acceptance and has helped me go about my daily life with greater energy and purpose. Plus it's one of my favorite workouts! :) Would absolutely recommend EYC to anyone looking for a great yoga studio and teacher. - Ariel Downs

Though my wife is a yoga teacher, I am a "once a week yogi" and not very flexible. I like, and go to, other studios in town as well, but the reason I like Mary at EYC the most is that she takes me where I am (i.e., not very good) and *pushes* me, but also creates a warm, inviting, and safe space in which to do so. I'm not afraid to push myself beyond my boundaries when I know she's looking out for me. - Brad Osborn

I adore this studio; it's safe, it's open, it's welcoming. Mary is a fantastic teacher to any student, anywhere from the new student to the seasoned practitioner. She readily identifies how to support your practice in ways that strengthen your weaknesses and push your strengths. Her pairing the asana (posture) limb of yoga with the other seven limbs, available through non-asana classes, creates a holistic yoga experience that you can take at your own pace in your own time. -Sara Crangle

While yoga centers are commonly a place of fitness, the EYC is more than a place to sweat. We all come for different reasons but in the end we practice to look for something better in ourselves. Yoga is a vehicle for such exploration. Now, none of us are perfectly gracious and being here isn't about that. It's about mutual support for whatever path you're on. I thank Mary and all whom make this atmosphere possible. Come, practice with us, and maybe find the community you are searching for. - Ro Eldridge

Love this yoga studio. Mary is excellent at teaching to every level. She has a great ability to adjust her approach based on who is in the class, but always manages to challenge those familiar with the practice. I recommend EYC to all my friends and colleagues. - Kaely Maegaro

Eudora Yoga Center is a wonderful place to practice. The teachers create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome, from the beginner to those that have practiced for years. EYC offers classes in all aspects of yoga from the asanas to meditation and beyond. - Karen Lane

I love this place! Great teachers and lots of individual attention given to newcomers and experienced practitioners alike. You can learn the basics of yoga here, or you can delve deep into an advanced practice, encompassing yoga philosophy as well. - Jessica Aranda

The Eudora Yoga Center is a wonderful facility, and Mary is one of the best yoga instructors I have ever encountered. Not only does she offer a challenging practice, she also radiates the spirit of a yogi- calm, compassionate, loving, and supportive. Whatever your level as a practitioner, you will find something to challenge you and fulfill you at her yoga center. - Jean Alger

Eudora Yoga Center has wonderful teachers and a great atmosphere. Do check out the course and event schedule - Walt Ohnesorge

Mary is inspiring: athletic, attentive and encouraging. I always leave feeling young and strong. - Randi Hacker

EYC is a beautiful oasis of dedicated practice, fun, friendship and learning. - Jaci Pierce