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Working Toward Optimal Health with Christy Kennedy


Working Toward Optimal Health with Christy Kennedy

We all have access to a sea of information on diet and lifestyle. The latest science, specific recommendations, glowing testimonials—so many good approaches. It's also overwhelming, often contradictory, and ever-changing. Answers for some are not right for others. Even what you did in the past may not work any more. So now what? 

While we do share common issues, we are all individuals, each with our own set of circumstances, histories, and habits that, combined with the passage of time, have steered us along the path of good physical and mental wellness, or somewhere further off in the underbrush. So the goal is to aim ourselves back in the right direction.

This workshop is an overview of how an individualized approach:

1) deepens awareness of how you are/where you are right now
2) sets sights on what you would like to change/improve
3) shapes the plan to get there

We will talk health histories (whoever wishes to), touch on the emerging world of individualized medicine, and discuss the benefits and methods of intermittent fasting.

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