What do I need to bring?
mat / towel / water bottle

Do I need to register online?
No. Please just show up at the studio for Mysore practice. If you are a new student, please contact Mary with any questions or chat with her in the studio when you arrive.

What should I wear?
Anything you feel comfortable in will work! Gym clothes are fine although loose t-shirts often get in the way or fly up during inversions. Yoga is usually practiced without socks.

Do I need my own mat?
Mats will be available for rental, but you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own mat. Mats may be purchased online or at every big-box retailer. TJ Maxx often has them at a lower price and Dick's Sporting Goods sells high-quality mats made by Manduka (highly recommended).

I'm not flexible! Should I still try yoga?
YES! Yoga will help you increase your flexibility. You will notice the differences right away, and flexibility is essential to sustaining long-term physical activities. Some poses may not be possible right away, but with time, you will be surprised at what you are capable of. Modifications are given for any asanas (postures) that your body is not quite ready for.

Do men do yoga?
YES! Men SHOULD be doing yoga! LeBron James, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Levine, the NY Giants, LA Lakers, and even Iron Man all do yoga. Read this fantastic article for more info on Why Men Should Do Yoga.