I'm Lorraine. I wear many hats including wife to husband Stan, mom to daughters Robin & Amy, and grandma to Ellie! I love spending time with my family and taking care of them as well as my friends, both old and new.

I am a nurturer at heart and for me, part of taking care of people is cooking and baking for them.

My love affair with baking (and cooking) began when I was four years old and received my first Easy Bake Oven! Over the years I became quite adept at turning out cookies and cakes, cream puffs and braided breads, brioche and baguettes, cinnamon rolls and croissants, pop overs and puff pastry, hand pies and pot pies.
Oh, the magic I could perform with a little salt, fat, and flour... throw in some sugar, yeast, and warm water and, well, who needs a wand when you've got a wooden spoon?!?

But life happens and we had lessons to learn.

My husband developed health issues including, first, diabetes, followed by obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol as a result of exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam in 1968; he also had chronic diffuse pain and swollen joints.
One of my daughters developed PCOS and associated weight gain and acne; my other daughter required surgery and radiation therapy for endometrial cancer and then learned that she was also severely anemic and diabetic as well, all while fighting her own battle with over weight.
I was obese; I had breast cancer treated with surgeries and chemotherapy; back surgery for severe spinal stenosis and sciatica, household falls that resulted in a broken wrist, then a broken shoulder, and finally a broken hip with a subsequent diagnosis of very significant osteoporosis and then, most recently, biopsy confirmed Celiac disease!

We thought we were healthy ! What is a person to do ?!?!

Go KETO and get healthy has been the answer for ALL of us.

My husband was the first to ask about trying the Ketogenic diet in June 2018. He wanted to lose weight and to see if he could feel better....in six months he lost 65 pounds. His A1C went from 11 to 5.4, he was able to get off all four of his daily insulin injections, his antihypertensive medications went from three to just one, and he stopped taking a statin medication. His "numbers" bring a smile to his doctor's face now, and most importantly, he FEELS good again! He insists he's never felt hungry or deprived since beginning the Keto journey.

Both daughters decided to go Keto after seeing his success.
Amy started her family on the Keto path in November and both she and her husband have each lost over 50 pounds; her health issues are now well controlled. She looks and feels better than she has in years! Robin began her Keto journey more recently and has already seen improved numbers at a Doctor's visit; some medications have been reduced and others withdrawn completely. Her weight is down and she, too, is looking and feeling better than she has in years.

As for me, well, there's nothing better for me than Keto...my weight is down with a BMI now below 19.
The anti inflammatory properties of Keto are helping to improve my osteoporosis and the gluten free/grain free/ sugar free aspects are helping to heal my gut from Celiac. My energy has returned and increased so that I can truly enjoy time with my granddaughter and I go to multiple yoga classes each week. I am again enjoying life! I'm having such fun trying new recipes; discovering an entirely new way of baking, and developing new food traditions with friends and family. Ellie is growing up in a much healthier way since we have adopted Keto as a lifestyle for our whole family. We had an entirely Keto Christmas dinner for 16 family members last year !

I love sharing what I've learned with others who want to feel better and reclaim their health by embracing the Ketogenic lifestyle.

Keto was exactly what I needed - even before I knew how badly I really did need it !