Project 40 & Figuring It Out: Day 23 – Making Fitness a Priority


Like I said yesterday, without naming names I would like to focus on celebrating other's efforts to do better for themselves and mankind.

A question for all of us: 
How many times do we get in our cars to run an errand 3 blocks away?

This friend (pictured below) has committed to getting stronger and incorporating fitness into every part of his life – including transportation. He rides his bike to work and to play, and has inspired my hubby to follow his lead. This is an A+ friend. They even rode in a downpour from Lawrence back to our home in Eudora (10 miles) for dinner yesterday.

I'm truly inspired by his efforts to use his bike for transportation, and his continued push to make fitness a priority.

photo: bike & friend covered in mud from the gravel roads & Mr. Sam enjoying the cooler temp