40 & Figuring it Out – Day 1 – Eat from the Garden

weedy garden.jpg

New Project: Forty & Figuring it Out
Daily posts about things I love and more importantly about the beauty of trying to do better than yesterday.

I was inspired to do this after watching “Love Thy Nature” on the plane ride home. A film about renewing our deep connection with nature. I highly recommend it - a beautiful documentary with Liam Neeson narrating.

I have always felt a little squeamish using words like Mother Earth and the Divine Mother as it didn’t feel authentic coming out of my mouth. After spending much time contemplating this concept in India with the highest form of worship being surrender to the Divine Mother, I’m starting to GET it.

Day 1: Eat from the garden. I’m going to do my best to eat only from the garden from now until Mike gets home on Sunday. Breakfast: spinach,kale,daikon,snow peas,herbs,olive oil

Photo of our very weedy garden which basically goes all the way back to the house. A huge undertaking for the 4 of us, but how cool that we have access to all of this beautiful organic produce.