Project 40 & Figuring it Out – Day 3 – Punya ~the beauty of doing a little better than yesterday~


Day 3: पुण्य (punya)
In one Sanskrit word this sums up my catch phrase: 
~the beauty of doing a little better than yesterday~

I have been taught that this view permeates Indian philosophy. No finger pointing to what is right and wrong. You figure out what is best for you. This is Yoga!

For example, if you ate 15 donuts yesterday then a पुण्य might be to eat 14.5 donuts today.

I love this concept and it is this challenge. I also love the depth & beauty of every Sanskrit word. Instead of naming an object for functionality sake as is the norm, Sanskrit words are derived from verbal roots which give us a concept of the root action in every word. Then there are endless derivations of these roots that describe the qualities of the word.

For example, there are endless Sanskrit words for "water" to describe its flow, make-up, transformational cool is that! Contemplation on one Sanskrit word can give you a full experience of it. This is yoga!

*my पुण्य today was getting up a 1/2 hour early to cook for my mom and I. 5 greens from the garden make up this tomato-based soup. Mama can't eat raw veggies anymore so we will continue eating soup through the summer :)

PS I'm teaching another beginning Sanskrit class in July/August. Sundays 7:15pm - 8:30pm. Let me know if you are interested.