Project 40 & Figuring it Out - Day 5 – Cultivating Subtle Awareness in Asana


Day 5: cultivating subtle awareness in asana practice

I was reminded today in "Mysore" practice about the need to continually remind ourselves to cultivate subtle awareness within our asana practice. We tend to chase after more challenging asanas without spending time developing a deeper relationship with our body in these shapes.

Today I asked a student to describe what they are feeling in a sequence of postures. They couldn't answer although they have been practicing for quite some time. This is not uncommon and I catch myself moving through the motions in so much of my own practice.

This week I had a person tell me that they like yoga because they can zone out in class. There is no wrong reason or way to practice, but in my experience you are missing so much of the practice if you do this. Yogaasana is about cultivating subtle awareness within these postures to sharpen our senses and allow us to fully enjoy and experience them with our entire being. I hope I am able to continue my own body exploration with a little more awareness every day and also encourage others to do the same.

Photo: Tadaasana (mountain) with namaskara hands