Project 40 & Figuring it Out – Day 6 – KOHLRABI!!!


Day 6: KOHLRABI!!! (cultivating awe & wonder)

Aman, James & I were standing in the garden oohing and ahhing over the kohlrabi pictured below. None of us have really eaten this intriguing cabbage-like vegetable.

We were standing in the garden asking each other who would try it raw and almost giggling when James decided he'd be the one. It is not often as adults that we have the opportunity to marvel at something as a child would. This seems important to cultivate in our daily lives to remind us how much this beautiful life has to offer!

I made a kohlrabi & greens soup yesterday that was delicious. It did take quite some time to get the kohlrabi to soften, but it made for a tasty addition to the soup :)