Project 40 & Figuring it Out – Day 28 – अहिंसा (ahimsā) Nonviolence


Day 28: अहिंसा (ahimsā) nonviolence

Without diving to deep into yoga philosophy, ahimsā is part of the first limb of Aṣṭāṅga Yoga from Patañjali's Yoga Sutras. As everything in life, nothing is black and white and we can spend our lives pointing fingers at what is "violent" or "nonviolent" or we make a sincere effort to look into the eye of this important concept – in our own lives – from moment to moment.

Swami Satchidananda on ahimsā:
Ahimsā is not causing pain. Some authors translate it as non-killing but it is not that. Himsā means to cause pain; ahimsā, not to cause pain. Killing is different from causing pain. Causing pain can be even more harmful than killing. Even by your words, even by your thoughts, you can cause pain.

Now for an extremely difficult and sensitive topic in my world / the yoga world:

In my heart I am a vegetarian. It my practical householder life with a meat-loving husband I am not a vegetarian. This has been a huge struggle for me and I have flip-flopped back and forth, each time saying this was the last time I would waver from my decision. All I can say right now is that we owe it to ourselves and these important topics to not sweep them under the rug.

I love my husband for his strong effort to support farmers who are trying to do what they deem is nonviolent or less violent for these animals.

photo: last night Mike made homemade ravioli stuffed with goat cheese smothered in homemade pesto with basil from our garden.