Project 40 & Figuring it Out - Day 40 - Fearless Heart


Day 40: fearless heart

As I mentioned on day 33, my intention for meditation is to tear away the armor around the heart (ego). This takes courage – the courage to be vulnerable, and really the courage to believe this is actually possible.

There is a beautiful Vedic verse (Sanskrit) that says: 
Ekam sat viprā bahudha vadanti
Truth is one, seers express it in many ways

This leaves room for Truth from seers of all traditions – so beautiful. Whatever your Truth is, may you grow your courage to live from an open heart & to follow your heart's truth.

photo: Michael showing Abhaya Hrdaya mudra that we will practice in 6pm Power Yoga tonight. We will work on opening the heart through asana and intention and end with fun work on Scorpion Handstand