Project 40 & Figuring it Out - Day 44 - Taking Our Health Reins


Day 44: taking our health reins with both hands & eyes wide open

If we sat back and waited for doctors to tell us how to get a grip on the pillars of health (nutrition, sleep, stress reduction, exercise) we would probably end up in the ER.

Western medicine is amazing at addressing acute care, for example my mama's surgeon saving her life this year, but I haven't seen much attention paid to the specifics of really taking care of yourself.

A few supplements that have been very helpful for both mama and I:

1) Vitamin D
2) Hydrogen Water (if you don't know about this contact Alan Jay Redd!)
3) Magnesium

I just listened to a wonderful podcast with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee whose life was changed when his baby ended up in the ER for what he later found out was a calcium / vitamin D deficiency. He was blown away that he had never thought about these things (as a long-time practicing physician) and decided he would help his family figure things out and then went on to help his patients with these pillars of health, and now is an author, speaker...

He also found limiting technology in children kept them from being put on depression meds (depression scripts have gone up 400% in 20 years). I think we can all agree with that treatment and see the sad truth there.

I highly suggest your own thorough investigation of your specific needs/deficiencies. If you need help there are so many knowledgable people out there – for instance my friends / brilliant health coaches Christy Christy Olson KennedyAlan Jay Redd, & Kathleen Kastner Mortenson. I'm happy to share their contact info with anyone interested.

photo: mama and I are lucky to have access to this beautiful food and enjoyed making it & eating it together (wild caught salmon, garden greens, tomato/cucumber salad), Vitamin D & malic acid to make hydrogen science experiment!