Project 40 & Figuring it Out – Day 31 – Pralaya Yoga


Day 31: pralaya yoga

PJ Martine and I decided to drive to Norman, OK for a 3 day Pralaya Yoga workshop with Robert Boustany.

Robert is a legend in the yoga world and I’ve been hearing about him for years. He has studied with yogis in the Himalayas, and is now a keeper of this great knowledge which he freely shares.

PJ and I were commenting after the first session that Robert was probably the strongest, most flexible person in a room full of dedicated yogis / yoga teachers. Robert is 70 years old. I think anyone who is on the fence about taking a yoga practice should look him up.

I will share a photo of Robert in action before the workshop is over, but am sharing a photo of PJ in front of the beautiful Ashtanga studio here in Norman. Andrew Eppler and all of the amazing teachers like Bryce Delbridge at this studio are earnestly trying to share their knowledge and I appreciate all of their efforts.

Yoga enthusiasts: If you haven’t seen the film Mysore Yoga Traditions (produced by these dedicated OK yogis) I highly suggest checking it out!