Project 40 & Figuring it Out – Day 32 – Releasing the Armor Around the Heart


Day 32: releasing the armor around the heart

Robert Boustany is a yoga scientist and has used his studies in physics + his own experimentation on himself to break through the armor around the heart (ego).

He has the incredible skill of being able to speak clearly about yoga with high level physiological & energetic language.

An overall theme is that yoga is not easy. Even in asana a huge amount of effort is needed in each posture to find ease and comfort (fascial release & perfect balance of the joints).

Ashtanga practioners: we are using heat and muscle fatigue to achieve fascial release, but Robert showed other ways to achieve this.

What strikes me the most about this dedicated yogi are his thoughts on taking the pressure off the heart (physical opening of the front line) to break through (fascia & more) the armor of the heart.

In Tibetan Buddhism & his lineage of yoga the mind is in the heart.

Om mani padme hum

photo: Robert demonstrating equal strength & flexibility