Project 40 & Figuring it Out – Day 33 – Using a Person as an Object of Meditation


Day 33: using a person as an object of meditation

Robert Boustany was amazing, and Bryce Delbridge is following in his footsteps. Bryce is going to be the one of a few who shares this knowledge with the world once Robert's form is no longer with us.

This teaching allows us a direct line from Himalayan yogis who are just coming out of practice to start teaching in the west. They will be in Houston at Robert's studio this September.

What I admire most about Bryce is his ability to teach & live from his heart... and it is infectious!!! After his last workshop many of us talked about how we are able to live this way well after he left. How does this work?

Explaining this esoteric concept online is probably not very useful and is only understood when we are ready & there are no doubts that this is possible.

I've decided to use this concept (through Bryce's form) as an object of meditation for 2 weeks to prepare for his return this month.

photo: Robert & Bryce showing an incredible ab strengthening exercise that we will try in Power Vinyasa at 6pm tonight. Join us!