Project 40 & Figuring it Out - Day 34 – Homemade Dog Food


Day 34: homemade dog food

Soon after Marie's colostomy surgery, Mike and I started making / packing Marie's meals to send with her to the Day Center during the week. We have noticed a huge difference in her cognitive function with a low carb lifestyle and feel that it is well worth the effort to do this.

We got to thinking about our other in-home family member Mr. Sam. Although we have been feeding him high quality dog food, we often wonder if we can do better for him.

This weekend Mike decided to make the effort to make Mr. Sam's dog food from scratch: grass fed beef, sweet potatoes, carrots, rice, turmeric, ginger, pepper, freezing and putting appropriate portions in mason jars.

It came down to the question – why is Mr. Sam eating something we can barely stand to spoon out of the container?

photos: Mike and I text photos of Mr. Sam when the other is out of town. Dog / cat parents can probably understand why we do this!