Project 40 & Figuring it Out - Day 35 - Aversion to Fireworks

Day 35: aversion to firework

Mike will attest that I am not a fan of the firework tradition of the 4th of July. This holiday has been particularly difficult for me because Eudora allows fireworks from July 1-4 and it sounds and feels like a war zone.

My annoyance changes to sadness as I imagine what it is like for people who go to sleep with the reality of rockets and gun shot sounds every night.

Mike tells me I might think differently if I grew up with it. I hope this is not the case.

Can we stop and consider that the traditions we often connect to certain holidays don’t actually have much to do with what we are celebrating?

I offer no judgement if this is part of your tradition, but I hope we (including myself) will continue to open our eyes to how we can ~try to do a little better than yesterday~