Project 40 & Figuring it Out - Day 37 - Another attempt at "Xeriscaping"


Day 37: another attempt at "xeriscaping"

Mike and I got rid of most of our grass last summer. The only grass we kept was a small patch for Mr. Sam's use. Hopefully he will forgive us.

Unless you like to cultivate a plot of weeds, most people will spray. This is not an option for us and it breaks my heart that we used to spray our gravel driveway. I would cry every time Mike did it and finally we decided it wasn't worth it. I will happily pull the weeds.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer did a study of herbicides & insecticides and classified them as "probably carcinogenic (cancer causing) for humans :(…/m…/iarcnews/pdf/MonographVolume112.pdf

If you are choosing to eat organically, perhaps some thought into landscaping organically would also be important for your health. I say this out of love for you and our planet.

photo: covering last bit of grass/weeds with landscape fabric and mulch. our lavender seems to make it through the winter, but not much luck with rosemary. this is our last attempt and then we'll pot it instead