Project 40 & Figuring it Out - Day 38 - Leaving Room for Unconventional Friendships


Day 38: leaving room for unconventional friendships

Most of the time (consciously or unconsciously) we have an idea of how our potential friends look, think, talk, political party, spiritual tradition...the list goes on & on.

An unconventional friendship with an 80 year old man presented itself to me this year. This man is somewhat shy, gruff, straightforward, and set in his ways. We have learned to "make fun" of one another for being stubborn and set in our ways.

Yesterday I went to visit this friend and his wife and found out that he is a talented metalworker and for most of his adult working life came home from his suit & tie day job to explore his creative side. I was so delighted!

I have commissioned a large sculpture from him to celebrate my mama's 80th birthday this year. It's shape will be the new logo for the Eudora Senior Center.

What a joy to have this person in my life!

photos: friend's artwork on display in his home