Raga Series

This 6-week class will introduce various aspects of Indian classical music including:  kharaj (early morning practice of low octave notes to help open voice, regulate breath and bring awareness of effect of thoughts on notes); sargam (the Indian solfege tradition of practicing notes); raagas; aalaap (musical ornamentation); khayal gayaki (traditional north Indian style) and taalas (the numerous rhythms).

Participants will be introduced to various Indian musicians and instruments. Some musicians will be invited to the studio for teaching/demonstrations concerts. Participants are not required to have any previous music training, but should feel a strong interest to learn and have time for practice. If you already play an instrument you are welcome to bring that to class and practice on that. Handouts will be provided as necessary. Knowledge of Devanagri will be an advantage, but is not mandatory.

The classes are taught by Geeta Tiwari at 2400 Ohio Street in Lawrence. Participants will be required to enroll for 6 class sessions, so the class can progress.

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