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Nutrition, Evolution, and Low-Carb/High-Fat Lifestyle w/Alan Redd

This workshop will focus on the value of a well formulated diet for health and wellness. Diet heals, prevents sickness, and improves resilience, mood, and energy. We will share our individual dietary lifestyles and consider goals to improve how we cook and what we eat. Dietary variation among hunter-gatherer populations will be compared with governmental dietary recommendations. Is there evidence to support dietary lifestyles that reduce sugar and carbohydrate, obtain adequate quality protein, and liberally incorporate quality fat?

Dr Alan J. Redd has a PhD in biological anthropology from the Pennsylvania State University. He has expertise in using DNA to study the evolutionary histories of populations. Dr Redd has done field-work in Samoa, Fiji, and India. He enjoyed teaching the introductory course in Biological Anthropology, which included a section on nutrition and evolution, for six years in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Kansas.

Click here (Lawrence Journal World article) to learn more about Alan's story and why he spent so many years researching this topic.