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Intro to Sufism with Farhad Forrest Pierce

Our afternoon will be a joyful, movement-filled introduction to this distinctly Western branch of Sufism through the poetry of such familiar figures as Rumi, Hafiz, and Attar, the teachings of Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis, through walking and dancing meditation, and through the quintessential practice of zikr, the remembrance of God.

The Sufis, according to tradition, are the lovers of God. They seek to embody the underlying reality of the Divine while still living in the everyday world. Often considered the mystical inner core of Islam, Sufism (or tassawuf) first came to the west in 1910 through the teaching of the Indian master musician Sufi Inayat Khan, who descibed it as "the religion of love." His own expression of Sufism was a Universal one, embracing the teaching of prophets and messengers from all the world's great religious traditions, and it bloomed in Europe and America as a family of Sufi orders (tariqa) known for devotion to love, harmony, and beauty through music, dance, and traditional practices of zikr (remembrance), wazifa (mantra) and prayer.

Farhad Forrest Pierce, a composer and professor of music, is a longtime student of the Ruhaniat lineage of Chishti Sufism, and leads dance and zikr circles in Lawrence.

Suggested Donation: $20 at the door (cash or check only please)


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