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2-Week Sanskrit Intensive w/Mary Kirkendoll

2-week Sanskrit Intensive with Mary Kirkendoll
Date/Time: December 11 - December 22, 7-8pm
Location: 1601 Kentucky ~ LAWRENCE!

During these 2 weeks you will learn to read, write & pronounce the 49 primary “letters” in the Devanagari script plus a handful of other compound consonants. We will have optional Sanskrit chanting at the end of each session. Attendance at all 10 sessions is not required but recommended. Please bring a dedicated Sanskrit notebook, index cards and NO other previous Sanskrit materials.

Cost: $50 for both weeks (Monday - Friday) 10 sessions total
Please bring cash/check to the first session and reserve your spot. 

Sanskrit is known as the language of the gods. This sacred language originated from oral traditions developed to communicate the spiritual insights of ancient sages. Because Sanskrit is the language of yoga, understanding key Sanskrit terminology and its pronunciation can deepen a practitioner’s knowledge of the yogic path. It can also provide a more complete understanding of the meaning and purpose of yoga asanas. My Sanskrit journey continues to be my greatest window to Yoga. I am grateful to my teacher for her dedication to learning and sharing this beautiful language.