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Practicing Nonviolence Workshop w/Danika Swanson

Ahimsa, the first of the yamas, is often translated as “non harming” or “non violence.”  The practice of Ahimsa includes not just the cessation of physical violence, but nonviolence in thought and words as well.  It is rooted in understanding, in connection, in living honestly, and in acting empathically with all beings. This workshop will explore Nonviolent Communication (also known as NVC or Compassionate Communication) as developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, as a tool to help integrate the practice of nonviolence into our daily lives. It will include a brief introduction to NVC, an overview of the model and key components, and an opportunity to practice some simple, but effective exercises for transforming old patterns of defensiveness, blame, and guilt into compassion and empathy, towards ourselves and others.

Cost:  $20
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Danika Swanson has been studying and working in the field of Peace and Conflict for nearly 15 years.  She is committed to the creative and nonviolent resolution of conflicts on all levels and her primary areas of interest and expertise are in dialogue facilitation, mediation, Nonviolent Communication, cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.  She discovered Nonviolent Communication in 2009, and found it to be the bridge between the theory and practice of conflict resolution.  Since then, she has participated in numerous workshops and trainings including: International Nonviolent Communication Conventions in Rishikesh and Pondicherry, India; NVC and Mediation; and NVC and gender consciousness.  Danika also served as an active member of NVCI Delhi Practice Group while living in India from 2010 - 2011, organizing and facilitating weekly meetings focused on integrating NVC into our personal and professional lives, and honing the skills of observation, communication, and empathy.